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Historical Histerics


I helped RCA to go out of the commercial computer business as an electrical design engineer.  


For 11 years I tried to convince their product planners that the market needed  a small business computer. Toward the end of that decade, around 1970, the last project I managed was called the VOC (Video Operator's Console) to control large processors and their peripherals with telephone connectivity.


I finally got my opportunity to design a stand alone mini-computer with its own keyboard, monitor and a variety of connected devices. The finished product was being advertised nationally and units were being readied for delivery in the summer of 1972.


Unfortunately, Bobby Sarnoff, Jr, the RCA CEO, decided we weren't making enough profit and the division was abruptly shut down. About 6 months later the Apple came out of a garage not very far from where the video and keyboard for the VOC was developed. What can I say? I was ahead of my time.


Around 1996 I 'retired' from my 22 year old business where I designed, built, tested and competed in experimental aerobatic aircraft. My computer wasn't an apple (I was still pissed they hadn't listened to me sooner). 


I met a fellow who was making video tapes for parents at gymnastic competitions who told me about a new thing called the "internet" that was made available for public use around 1990. He wanted me to knock on doors to sell hosted web sites, but wouldn't  tell me how it worked.


So, I decided to learn how to make it work and do my own web sites. While at RCA I had helped debug COBOL (COmmon Business-Oriented Language)  and wrote the very first code for RCA hardware diagnostics, so I figured I could handle web programming.


Along the way, I needed to keep track of, and stay in touch with, contacts. Back then the most modern product was the Rolodex. So, for my own personal use I came up with which has morphed into


Since then I've added a huge amount of coding for members to network and do a whole lot of political and voter outreach*. Qualified and vetted members of GITWITHEM can selectively commuicate directly with other members using their own secret/personal Group Key(s). Also, many lists of current elected officials and voter data are being added as demanded by qualified and vetted groups*. This site is programmed to allow for (selective and secure) bulk communications, by mail or email, within each group as well as to elected representatives. Many other tools for voter outreach are available such as walking lists, petition forms prepopulated with official voters' information by selectable street addresses in house number order for delivery.


*Please be aware and understand that the vetting of user-groups is based upon qualifying as a staunch beiever in liberty and freedom. So far, only the political party that fits this venue is the Libertarian Party. However, there are individual/local advocates who also qualify with no party affiliation. To name a couple of examples, (1) there are a few Liberty Alliance groups in TN who have been successful accomplishing meaningful changes locally and statewide (like killing abhorent eminant domain abuses) and (2) FL  used GITWITHEM's petitioning tools for getting 80+ candidates on every county's ballot twice! (Operation Full Slate).